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Creppyest dream EVER Date: May 24th @ 4:12am EDT
Last night needed to take care of something soo i fell asleep very late.During my sweet sweet sleep i dreamed about some kind of city which i was in the dream and the thing was it was flooded like apocalypse and i remember i was in the water with huge huuuge waves.I wasn`t the only one there were people too which i dont know them and i can`t even remember their faces....Somehow i left that dream during sleeping and enterend in what seems like another one with Dr.Strange from the Marvel comic books and he tryed to explain to me something about spiders...i remember the spidy came very very close to me in the dream watching me with alots of eyes how i analyze his body ....CREEEPY..Most strangest dream ever and thought to share this one with you guys .
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